There are certain questions that seem to hit us once in a while, reminding us that mankind definitely does not have control over certain things that happen to the body. Some of these questions normally surround why we age, why our body cells turn to self-destructive mode with time, which unavoidably affects our performance in […]

What is Next Generation Assessment?

Educational institutions around the world are now moving towards next generation assessments for evaluating their students. Next generation assessment is nothing but determining whether the student has thorough knowledge in the subject content through interactive online assessments. The interactive online assessment contains various items like video, audio, ruler, calculators, etc. The purpose of this assessment […]

How To Prepare The Students For The New Online Assessment?

There are days where students depend on the test content and pen to win in the test. But things have changed now. They must be familiar with the technology to prove their content knowledge. To make them familiar with the new type of online assessment test pattern, and they should participate in the online sample […]
foreign language

Revision Tips For GCSE Foreign Language Exams

GSCE Foreign Language exams have become common these days with more people traveling abroad or need to learn and be certified of such learning of new languages due to a job shift or better job opportunities. Given below are few tips that will help you come out tops in the GCSE exams. Timing In spoken […]

Real World Tips for passing the Salesforce Certification Exams

If you want to continue your job as a Salesforce expert, it is necessary to take up a Salesforce certification test. It may sound like a daunting task since you have to do a lot of mental preparation and studying to accomplish your goal of getting a certificate in Salesforce. When you want to take […]

Should India Host the Olympics?

India will stage the 2032 Olympic Games. It’s official. Mumbai will see some spectacular action come 2032. But is India ready to host the Olympics yet??? Now, you may wonder why we have to discuss this today, when 2032 is not even marked in calendars yet. The answer is we have to if, we are […]

Ever wondered how airplanes follow the same roads where there are none?

Airplanes reach their destinations without getting lost every single time. Well, most of the time. This is because there are routes charted out between major airports. Both Commercial and private flights follow a set of laws under the Instrument Flight Rules. This helps channel all flights in airspace in an integrated and safe manner. Read […]

Why are there stones along railway tracks??? We’ll tell you why.

Often on our rail journey we have seen stones along railway tracks. At stations I have been left worried seeing people scamper across tracks, a shortcut to the opposite platforms. ‘What if they fall’, ‘what if they cut their feet..’… ‘What if they fall and a train comes by’, I am left wondering. Yet in […]

The mystical shadows of the Thanjavur Temple

The temple at Thanjavur which is more famous as the Peruvudaiyaar Temple has been overwhelming people with its mystical shadows. In this post today we thought of casting some light into the puzzling story of this thousand year old temple built by Raja Raja Chola I. But for that you should know what the mystery […]

About Circles and Spheres

“Is the Earth a circle or a sphere, Nana??” The other day, I heard my 5 year old nephew say, “Mamma, did you know the earth is a circle?’ My sister smiled at his new found knowledge and replied, “Yes, it is sweetie.” To this, I rolled my eyes. How more wrong can we adults […]